Why Choosing a Charcoal and Gas Grill Combo Makes Sense

Why Choosing a Charcoal and Gas Grill Combo Makes Sense

Nothing beats the taste of food that is prepared on a grill. In order to benefit from this type of cooking, it pays to consider investing in a charcoal and gas grill combo. Here are some of the reasons why the owner will find that the combination makes grilling out more fun and practical.

Inexpensive Fuel Options

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The nice thing about owning a gas and charcoal grill combo is that both fuel sources are not very expensive. Purchasing charcoal, especially during the spring and the summer, will not cost a lot of money. In fact, the savvy homeowner will stock up when a sale is on and have enough to get through the entire summer and well into the autumn. The propane or other gas used to fill the tanks is also affordable. That makes it all the easier to ensure the grill is always ready to go.

Side Burners

When most people think of grilling, they envision one cooking surface that is ideal for meat or for vegetables wrapped in some type of foil. While that works fine in many situations, it would be nice to prepare other food on the grill to go with the meat, ears of corn, and other items. With a charcoal gas grill combo, there is a good chance of having at least a couple of side burners as part of the design. What this does is allow the individual preparing the meal to put other foods on to simmer while the grilling is taking place. There will be no running back and forth to the kitchen to check on how everything is going since all the food is being prepared in one place.

Smoky Flavor on Demand

With a gas and charcoal grill combo, it is possible to use charcoal to get the smoky flavor that many people love. At the same time, the gas makes it possible to prepare foods that would taste better without that flavor. Depending on the mood of the person who is doing the cooking, it is possible to put everything on the grill, choose a cooking option, and ensure everything tastes just as it should.

Remember that it is easy enough to add some type of wood to the charcoal

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and enhance the flavor a little more. This approach works well with just about any type of meat, ranging from chicken to beef. That means the hot dogs, boneless breasts, and hamburger patties will all have the taste that everyone is craving. With the right type of pan, it is even possible to prepare a meatloaf, place it over the hot briquettes, close the lid, and allow the dish to cook through and through.

Out of Gas

If the gas supply is running low, but there is the desire to grill out, all it takes is having enough charcoal on hand to do the job. Since charcoal can be stored with ease, having a couple of bags in the store room will be no big deal. The first time that the owner wants to grill out but is not in the mood to go out and have the tank refilled, reaching for those bags will be all that is necessary to get started.

When there is no charcoal on hand and no one wants to leave the house, there is always the option of firing up the grill and using the gas connection. Thanks to the dual approach, the odds of not having an energy source for the cooking is decreased significantly.

Searing the Meat

Some people like their meat well done. A gas charcoal grill combo makes it possible to cook the meat through using the gas, then put the meat over the charcoal in order to create the smoky taste and to seal in the juices. It also sears the meat in a manner that many people associate with grilled food. While the meat sears, the rest of the side dishes can be cooking away using the gas portion of the grill.

Additional Features

Combination grills of this type often come with a few other features that the homeowner will enjoy. For example, having more than one timer makes it easy to keep track of when to flip the burgers and when it is time to stir the rice that is cooking on one of the side burners. In the interim, it is easy enough to stretch out in a comfortable lawn chair, enjoy the sunshine, and carry on a conversation with a family member or a friend.

For anyone who is in the market for a new grill, do not feel as if the choice has to include only one type of fuel source. Take a good look at the combination grills on the market today and the range of features available. It will not take long to come across a design that will fit easily on the patio and provide the best outdoor cooking experience the family has ever enjoyed.

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