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For well over a hundred years, the name “Weber” has stood for quality. Even today, Weber produces some of the most highly regarded grills and smokers of all, insisting in every case on the best materials and the most capable production processes. While a weber grill will sometimes cost a little more than the closest competition, grilling enthusiasts consistently report that the extra investment pays off in durability, ease of maintenance, and basic grilling performance.

Today, Weber produces a full range of grill and smoker products, from the portable, compact, electric-powered Weber Q grills to the hulking, stainless-steel clad units of its gas-burning Summit series. It remains best known for its many charcoal grills, though, with time-tested designs that deliver reliable performance, whatever the weather and situation.

The Classic, Iconic Weber Kettle

Of the many grills it produces today, the company is likely best known for those of its Original Kettle series. These ubiquitous, instantly recognizable grills are as simple as could be, with many of their owners swearing off anything more complex. Available in 18-, 22-, and 26-inch diameters, the grills of the Original Kettle line can cover everything from small family gatherings to production-line duty at company picnics and the like.

As with every weber charcoal grill, those of the Original Kettle series are based on bowls made of porcelain-enameled steel. The thick, durable porcelain coating Weber applies holds up well to everything from the elements and the heat produced by grilling to rough contact from tongs and other grilling tools. Weber also sells custom-fitted covers that can help keep a kettle in great condition for many years, something that owners also appreciate about these simple, capable grills.

One Touch for Easier Cleaning and Better Control

Even with the undeniable appeal of the simple, humble Original Kettle line,

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plenty of other Weber grills have their devoted fans, too. The weber one touch charcoal grill design builds upon the Original Kettle line in smart, focused ways, retaining all the performance that makes the latter so popular.

The most notable feature these grills bring to the table is Weber’s unique One Touch apparatus. Instead of needing to manually scoop out charcoal ash or try to work it through the vents in a kettle’s bottom, owners of One Touch grills can make use of a cleverly designed system. At the push of a knob, strategically placed blades in the bottom of these grills sweep ash down and out through ventilation holes, depositing it directly into a removable aluminum receptacle that stands below.

While Original Kettle grills are admired for their ease of use and reliability, many feel that Weber grills equipped with One Touch are even more desirable. Far from being a fancy frill, the system is grounded in smart engineering and aims, successfully, at making grilling life even easier and more enjoyable.

A Top Performer for a Range of Grilling Applications

Just as the One Touch system builds in worthwhile ways on the basic Original Kettle line, the weber performer charcoal grill adds plenty of attractive features to the former. The three models of the Performer line all offer 22 inches of circular cooking space, and all are equipped with side mounted tables and storage racks below. That alone makes them appealing for users who want something a little more substantial, but without needing to make room for a full-sized Weber Summit or the like.

As with the company’s Master Touch grills, the Performers are also equipped with the One Touch system, incorporating an even larger ash catcher that includes more finely adjustable ventilation. The basic Performer more or less stops there, although it does include some additional heat shielding that can make it easier to handle the grill cover.

It is with the Premium and Deluxe versions of the Performer that the line really stands out. Upgrading to the Premium model nets buyers an accurate, integrated, easy to read lid thermometer, along with a convenient timer display that stands nearby. The larger table of the Premium model also makes it easier to handle, slice, chop, and serve whatever comes off the grill, without needing to make use of other accessories or furniture. The built-in, proprietary Char-Basket charcoal holders do the same for fuel, taking care of a common need of another kind.

At the top of the line, the Deluxe adds even more features and construction quality. Its gas-fueled electric ignition system frees owners from chimneys and lighter fluid, setting charcoal ablaze with the simple touch of a button. With an even heavier steel frame, the Deluxe model can be expected to hold up still better than its down-market brethren, too.

A Wide Range of Choices and Real Dedication to Quality Make Weber a Top Choice

From the smallest and simplest to units featuring a number of advanced, well-designed features, there is a charcoal weber grill for just about everyone. There are whole websites devoted to particular Weber models, whether in the form of the ubiquitous basic Original Kettle or the high-performing Smokey Mountain smoker. Since 1893, Weber has been turning out high quality products that keep buyers coming back, and that seems likely to remain true well into the future.

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