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When the weather’s just perfect, not too hot or too cold, many people prefer to head outdoors and start to grill. This is a great way to get the family together, to have fun with friends and neighbors, or just to get out of the house in the afternoon. One of the main downsides of grills, however, is they need to be large to be big enough to cook everything and many times people purchase a standard charcoal grill because of the amount of space they offer. When a person wants to grill but doesn’t want to stay home, they may want to look into a small charcoal grill that can be easily taken anywhere they want to go. For camping, having a party at a park, tailgating and more, these grills are perfect.

Why Buy a Charcoal Grill?

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Charcoal grills are often chosen because of the smokey flavor and because they can be used for smoking, unlike a gas grill. They’re also less expensive than gas grills and can often get to a higher temperature so it’s easier to sear meat. They only take about ten minutes to get hot enough to cook and are easier to assemble. There’s little maintenance, and cleanup only consists of clearing out the ashes and brushing the grates.

Why Choose a Portable Grill?

Many people actually opt to have a standard grill and a small portable charcoal grill, although if they only want one grill they may want to consider purchasing a portable charcoal grill. Standard grills are great for large and small get-togethers at the house, but they can’t be taken out easily. If a person enjoys grilling at the park or going camping, a portable grill is going to be a must. Many of them fold up easily and some even come with a carrying case so they can easily be taken just about anywhere the person wants to go.

Is There Still Plenty of Room?

The number one concern is often the amount of room a person will have to cook on one of the small charcoal grills. Even though they’re much smaller than standard grills, there’s still plenty of room to cook. Some of the options available have as much as 240 square inches of cooking space, plenty to cook a few steaks or hamburgers. Sides like corn can be heated while the grill is warming up so they’re ready to go when the main dish is.

What Are the Options?

A person looking for a portable grill is going to find a variety of options. Some of the top contenders include the following.

Smokey Joe 14″ Charcoal Grill – This one is only 17″ high, 14.25″ wide and

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15.5″ long. It includes 147 square inches of cooking space, so there’s plenty of room to grill a fantastic meal. It includes two rust-resistant aluminum dampers and one glass-reinforced nylon handle for easier carrying.

Caliente Portable Grill – This one offers a carrying tote that can double as a cooler. It offers a smaller 10″ grate with a surface area of over 78 square inches. Weighing it at only about 10 pounds, it’s easy to carry just about anywhere.

Buccaneer Portable Grill – Similar to the Caliente, this one also offers a carrying case that doubles as a cooler. It’s great for picnics and tailgating and the cooler can hold up to 24 12oz cans. It also comes with a variety of accessories a person will need to grill.

V-Grill – This grill provides 115 square inches of cooking space, yet folds nearly flat to fit in a light carrying case. It’s lighter than similar grills, weighing it at 4.5 pounds, and is easy to assemble wherever the person wants to use it.

What About Accessories?

It’s important to make sure everything is packed and ready when a person wants to grill away from home. A person should have tongs, a spatula, and a barbecue fork. It’s also a good idea to have a can opener and a grill opener. Many people, however, prefer to get full sets of tools that will come in an easy carrying case to take with them. An apron and oven mitt are great to bring along as well but aren’t strictly necessary.

Many people prefer to grill with charcoal at home, but don’t have a way to grill when they’re away. Instead of eating cold foods that can be packed with little hassle, a person can enjoy fresh steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers, and much more wherever they are when they purchase one of the small charcoal grills. There’s a variety of portable charcoal grills available, so it’s important to look around and find one that’s going to have everything the person may need. Once they find the perfect grill, they’ll never have to worry about what they’re going to eat when they’re camping or at the park again. They can simply unpack their grill and start to cook a delicious meal.

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