Outdoor Kitchen – Building the Perfect One


Besides other things, an outdoor kitchen will be a great entertainment bonus too, as you can cook in a healthy environment outside and not miss out on all the fun when you have a barbecue or party. The outdoor kitchen is the latest trend and 2005 statistics show that in America, $150 billion was spent on renovating outside areas. If you want to design and build an outdoor kitchen you should have a few thousand dollars saved up.

Outdoor Kitchen Requirements

By: Bill Wilson

For your outdoor kitchen you will need to get appliances, materials and numerous other things, but first of all you will need to start off with a design. You get 3 basic designs for the outdoor kitchen, namely a U shape, L shape, and an island which will feature a sink, grill and preparation area. The L shape offers more space for cooking and preparation and the U shaped one is even bigger for extra preparation or serving space with the grill in the middle.

You will need to have kitchen cabinets and remember that they will be exposed to the elements, so you need to consider durable materials and ones that are hygienic and easy to clean. You can use granite, marble or brick. Wood is not very hygienic and will rot too quickly. Aside from that it is flammable – not the best idea for a kitchen.

Your outdoor appliances will also have to be long lasting and very good quality. You need to get a grill which will be either gas or charcoal. The gas ones offer more temperature control, while the charcoal ones will give the food a lovely barbecue flavor. Make sure you get a waterproof cover for your grill.

You will also need to get a kitchen island made from stone, stainless steel or stucco and an outdoor sink with water being drawn from the house. It is always nice to have a refrigerator outside, but this will only last for about 5 years.

When you start building your outdoor kitchen you will need to plan out everything that you need and make your decision based on how often you will use it, what kind of food and entertainment you will have. Decide if your kitchen will be portable or permanent, if people will eat inside or outside and how many people you will be most likely to serve.

You can hire someone to build this structure for you or you can do it yourself. Remember that they should be near the house for easy access to the kitchen and place it in a good position so that smoke does not blow into the house. Safety features will also include not using any flammable materials and making the grill 6 inches high. Enjoy your outdoor kitchen!

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